The Martin family would like to welcome you to the Pizza Barn.  We're proud to offer you great homemade pizzas, hearty sandwiches and a tempting selection of old-fashioned ice cream parlor favorites.
     We've been serving you, our friends and neighbors, since 1975.  We've enjoyed it and would like to thank you for your patronage!
Bob, Ruth & Family

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Pizza- 5 Pepperoni sticks $4 with any 16 or 18 inch pizza!
Lunch- Burrito supreme and can of pop- $5.95!
         Family Meal - 16 " 2 topping pizza, appetizer
& 2-liter - $22!

Daily $5.95 Lunch Specials
Mon.- sm. taco salad, breadstick and pop
Tues.- 6 in. sub, mini salad and pop
Wed.- 9 in. 1 topp. and pop
Thur.- burrito, taco and pop
Fri.- 7 in. 2 topp., mini salad and pop

Pizza Barn
"Since 1975"
Pioneer, OH 419-737-2812
Reading, MI 517-283-2883
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